Band Saw Certification

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Band Saw Certification
Version 0.1.0
Approval Date 2020-11-03
Document/Printout Band Saw Certification
Required For Tools/Shops

Training Check-Off List:

Tool Anatomy

  • Parts of the Band Saw are identified properly.
    • Blade guard height adjuster
    • Blade guard
    • Blade guide
    • Blade guard lock
    • Stop & Start buttons
    • Fence
    • Dust collection port and blast gate (on duct)


  • Safety precautions are followed - safety glasses, proper clothing, work area cleared, etc.
  • Stock is checked for issues/problems
  • Blade guard height is adjusted to proper level for the job at hand
    • The blade height is locked after adjustment


  • Dust collector is used properly
  • Proper body position
  • Proper push aid(s) are used
  • Student conducts curved cut properly
  • Student conducts straight cut properly
  • Miter gauge is used properly
  • Fence is used properly


  • Work area is cleaned - scraps go to scrap bin and work area is swept or vacuumed
  • Push aids are returned to their proper locations

Lockout/Tagout Procedure

  • Tool unplugged and plug wrapped in safe/visible location, barrel covers and locks, tag filled out and posted, front desk notified.