Closure Lock-up Certification

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Closure Lock-up Certification
Version 0.1.0
Approval Date 2020-11-03
Document/Printout Closure Lock-up Certification
For Tools/Shops

Training Check-Off List:

Doors and Lights

  • All lights shut off
    • Foyer
    • Reception
    • Mezzanine
    • Computer Lab
    • Fiber Arts & Studio Spaces
    • Electronics
    • Jewelry
    • Woodshop
    • Metalshop
  • Back door closed/secured
  • Woodshop side door closed/secured - switch in LOCK position and locked w/ deadbolt
  • Overhead door closed
  • All interior doors closed/secured
  • Front/Main door closed/secured - switch in LOCK position

Equipment Checklist

Fiber Arts

  • Irons are unplugged


  • Laser cutter switched OFF
  • Laser cutter Fume Extractor switched OFF
  • 3D printers switched OFF IF a print is NOT in progress.


  • Acetylene torch closed - upper valve turned all the way to the RIGHT
  • Torch vent turned OFF
  • Pickle pot turned OFF AND unplugged
  • Large bench shear locked – Red pin is in place


  • Welding tanks are closed – upper valve turned all the way to the RIGHT
  • Compressor and compressor cooling fan are turned off


  • SawStop table saw is switched off
  • Check the dust collector barrel. If it is more than halfway full (past first porthole), notify Woodshop Lead at: [email protected]

During Un-Staffed Hours:

  • All interior doors must remain closed during un-staffed and extended hours (ie. no propping of doors).
  • Front door must remain locked at all times after 9pm.
  • You are obligated to operate equipment safely and responsibly, especially at hours when you may be the only one on site.
  • You are encouraged to carry a cellphone at all times in the event that you need to call emergency services.