Manual Mill Certification

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Manual Mill Certification
Version 1.0.0
Approval Date 2024-06-20
Document/Printout Manual Mill Certification
Required For Tools/Shops

Training Check-Off List:


Closed toe shoes, rolled up sleeves, ears covered if necessary.

No cutting vapors or hexavalent Chromium from stainless steel without ventilation.

Has a basic understanding of industrial safety.

Anatomy of a Manual Mill

Student will correctly identify the following:

  • On / Off spindle power switch
  • Spindle stop (and when is appropriate time to use it)
  • Where the spindle HI/ LO setting switch is, and if the spindle needs to be on or off
  • How to change the spindle RPM, and if the spindle needs to be on or off
  • Table way locks and understands their utility and when it is acceptable to have them on
  • How to correctly navigate the x, y, z axis
  • Where is the drawbar (and not to leave the wrench on the drawbar)
  • Know and prove how to install and remove collets and tools from the spindle
  • Vise and parallels, end stops

Pre-operation - General Understanding of Machining Process

Identify the correct feeds and speeds for the following tooling:

  • Spot drill/ chamfers tools
  • Drills (aluminum, and steel)
  • End Mills (aluminum, and steel)
  • Big fly cutters / shell mills
  • Know the difference between climb-milling and conventional-milling
  • What is an appropriate depth of cut and when more or less is needed


Can the tester correctly demonstrate how to read/use:

  • Micrometers
  • Depth Micrometers
  • Dial calipers
  • Edge finder
  • DRO
  • Surface plate
  • Grinder vise

Must pass a un-timed hands-on skills test given a part drawing, pass or fail. ADD TEST DETAIL HERE

This is not to test the abilities of the tester, only to assess how they navigate the machine and to see how comfortable they are with the machine.

Post Operation

  • Work area is cleaned

Lockout/Tagout Procedure

  • Student imparts lockout/tagout procedure: Tool unplugged and barrel covers and locks, tag filled out and posted, front desk notified.