Plasma Cutter - Hand Cutting Certification

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Plasma Cutter - Hand Cutting Certification
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Approval Date 2020-11-03
Document/Printout Plasma Cutter - Hand Cutting Certification
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Training Check-Off List:

Tool Anatomy

  • Parts of the CMS’s Hypertherm Powermax85 plasma cutter are properly identified
    • Torch lead and connector – can take torch lead on and off
    • Work lead, clamp and connector – can install and remove work lead
    • Gas supply line
    • On/Off Switch
    • Operating Mode Switch – can impart different modes
      • Expanded metal
      • Standard cutting and piercing
      • Gouging
      • Lock
    • Status Screen
      • Current setting
      • Fault Icon
      • Fault code
      • Pressure setting
      • Gas Pressure Bar

Machine Capabilities & Limitations

  • Student can convey recommended cutting capacities as respective speeds (ipm) for Powermax85.
  • Student can convey duty cycle limitations with Powermax85:
    • At 85 A, the arc can remain on for 6 minutes out of 10 minutes without causing the unit to overheat (60% duty cycle).
    • At 74 A, the arc can remain on for 8 minutes out of 10 (80%)
    • At 66 A, the arc can remain on for 10 minutes out of 10 (100%).


  • Student utilizes proper Personal Protection Gear – safety glasses, welding helmet or glasses, welding gloves, welding jacket (or long sleeves!) No unrestrained long hair and no flowing clothes. Closed-toed shoes are required.
  • Student checks to ensure that work area is safe – No puddles on floor in welding/plasma cutting (handheld) area. Plasma cutting area is free of flammable materials.
  • Student adjusts welding screens to make sure no bystanders can be caught by arc-flash


  • Student turn on air compressor AND cooling fan
  • Student turns on the Powermax85, checks the indicators and verifies the following
    • The green power ON LED on the front of the power supply is illuminated.
    • The Fault LED is not illuminated.
    • No error icons appear in the status screen.
  • Student adjusts the current (amperage) for the specific cutting application.
  • Student turns on the fume extractor and position extraction arm correctly.
  • Student attaches work clamp correctly
  • Student demonstrates proper drag-cutting technique


  • Student turns off the fume extractor.
  • Student turns off the plasma cutter.
  • Student turns off air compressor and cooling fan.
  • Student disconnects the work clamp, coil cords and stores neatly.
  • Student return all tools.
  • Student cleans the cutting table and the area around the cutting table.

Lockout/Tagout Procedure

  • Student imparts the following Lockout/Tagout procedure: Tool unplugged and plug wrapped in safe/visible location, tag filled out and posted, front desk and/or Metal Shop Lead notified ([email protected])