ShopBot CNC Router Certification

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ShopBot CNC Router Certification
Version 0.1.0
Approval Date 2020-11-03
Document/Printout ShopBot CNC Router Certification
Required For Tools/Shops

Training Check-Off List:

Tool Anatomy

  • Parts of the Shopbot are identified properly
    • Spindle
    • Gantry
    • Rails
    • VFD (variable frequency drive)
    • Control Box
    • Spoilboard
    • X, Y & Z axis directions


  • Student can explain general safety protocol:
    • Safety glasses, hair tied back, no flowing clothes
    • Ear protection is recommended
  • Student can identify 2 ways to stop ShopBot:
    • Control Software
    • Emergency Stop switch
  • Student can identify location of nearest fire extinguisher

Set Up and Control Software

  • Start Shopbot from cold (control box and VFD)
  • Run warm up routine
  • Select and install appropriate bit/tool - explain general uses of primary ShopBot router bits at CMS: on bits.pdf
    • Compression
    • Spiral Up
    • Spiral Down
    • Straight flute
    • V-Flute
    • Planer
  • Zero X and Y axis using proximity switches
  • Zero Z axis (to bed or material)
    • Student imparts difference between zeroing Z to bed and zeroing to material
  • Explains how to zero X & Y to specific, alternate location
  • Student fixes workpiece to table bed using screws
    • Checks for clean bed first
    • Keeps screws clear of planned tool paths


VCarve - Design and File Prep

  • Set job dimensions and selects correct location (bed vs material) for Z-zero
  • Uploads a file

VCarve - Toolpaths

  • Pocket
  • Profile w/ tabs
  • Calculates Chip Load using ShopBot Chip Load calculator
  • Communicate role of tabs, ramp, climb vs conventional milling
  • Calculates toolpaths and notes proper order
  • Saves toolpaths to desktop - include user name in file name


  • Opens file for preview in ShopBot Control
  • Opens file for cutting in ShopBot Control
  • Turn on dust collector
  • Cuts piece
  • Use oscillating multi-tool (or razor) to cut tabs


  • Turn off VFD
  • Turn off Control Box
  • Remove bit and return to bit holder
  • Remove leftover materials from spoilboard
  • Vacuum spoilboard
  • Sweep or vacuum floor surrounding work area
  • Close VCarve and ShopBot software - save your files to a personal thumb drive if you don’t want them deleted!
  • Close computer

Problems with the ShopBot CNC Router

Student explains proper steps to take when/if there is a problem with the ShopBot:

  • Double check work - if easily fixable (ie. general user error), then fix it.
  • If not easily fixable or obvious: Turn machine off, place “Out of Order” tag on spoilboard, notify Front Desk immediately (if during Staffed Hours) and email Woodshop Lead at [email protected]