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ShopBot PRS Standard
Gantry CNC Router
Make ShopBot
Model PRSstandard 96-48-8, w/2.2hp Spindle
ShopBot CNC Router Certification
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CMS00057 Ready to Deploy

The ShopBot is a Gantry CNC machine that can cut materials up to 4x8 feet in size and up to 6 inches in thickness. It is primarily good at cutting woods, including plywood and MDF. It can also V-carve (like signs) and drill.



We have the Makerspace version of VCarve, which allows you to download the trial version of VCarve and work on your designs from home, then save the file for use at the MakerSpace. More information can be found here.

To use VCarve Pro (either at home or at the makerspace), you will need to create and/or join a Vectric account to the makerspace's organization, using this special link. If you would like to work on your designs at home, you can download the VCarve Pro trial.



Issue: X/Y Axis will not zero

  1. Open Shop Bot 3. Select Utilities>Reset Default Settings. Click Yes, then Ok on the prompts. Next it will ask to select the tool model. Select PRS ShopBots>Standard Tools with Z Prox> ShopBot PRS96x48standard.
  2. Try zeroing the XY. You can also do some Move/ Jog tests and then use a tape measure to measure the accuracy to see that it has been zeroed.

Issue: Move/Jog on X & Y Axes are slow, jerky and stuttering

In the ShopBot 3 Software, double check to make sure the numbers in the two “Move” fields read ‘3’ and ‘2’. In the “Jog” field make sure the numbers read ‘4’ and ‘3’.